Others – Serbia Anti Corruption Institutional Framework


Web: http://www.apml.gov.rs

Email: uprava@apml.org.rs

Established: 2002

Permanence: Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

Structure: IT is composed of the director, two deputy directors who oversee the work of the internal sectors/departments.

Competencies: performs financial-intelligence activities; collects, processes, analyses and disseminates to the competent authorities information, data and documentation obtained in line with the AML/CFT Law, and performs other activities related to the prevention and detection of money laundering and terrorism financing in accordance with the law.


Web: http://kjn.rs/en/

Email: republicka.komisija@kjn.gov.rs

Established: 2002

Structure: headed by the President and composed of eight members; work is done in panels composed of three members

Competencies: to review and decide on requests from procuring entities or bidders who believe their rights have been violated; to decide on appeal of conclusions made by the Public Procurement Office

Appointment and removal: National Assembly elects and relieves of duty President and Members of Republic Commission, upon proposal of Committee for Finance of National Assembly, and after open application procedure has been conducted.


Web: http://www.dri.rs/home.4.html

Email: kancelarija@dri.rs

Established: 2005

Structure: headed by the President, Vice-President, and Council; composed of audit departments and support services department. Audit departments are managed by the Supreme State Auditors. Support services department is coordinated by the Secretary General of the Institution.

Competencies: to audit public funds; to give suggestions to draft proposals of laws and regulations and amendments to existing laws


Web: https://www.ombudsman.rs

Email: zastitnik@zastitnik.rs

Established: 2005

Structure: composed of Ombudsman and four deputies; General Secretary oversees the Administrative and Professional Services, which is divided into three sectors

Competencies: to ensure to the protection of citizens by checking whether governmental institutions are operating within the confines of the law and with respect to human rights. Rights protected: national minority rights, children rights, rights of disabled persons, rights of people deprived of liberty and gender rights.


Web: http://www.ujn.gov.rs

Email: office@ujn.gov.rs

Established: 2003

Structure: headed by Director; one deputy director and divided into two technical/administrative working Groups and Sector for Public Procurement, which is further subdivided

Competencies: to monitor public procurement procedures and handle initial complaints; to assist in drafting public procurement regulations; to provide consulting services to contracting authorities and bidders.

Web: http://www.rdi.gov.rs

Email:  direkcija@rdi.gov.rs

Established: 1996

Permanence: Law on Assets Owned by the Republic of Serbia

Competencies: to manage property in public ownership; keep a unique record of real estate in public ownership and records of certain movables owned by the Republic of Serbia; perform professional and state administration affairs related to: acquisition, disposal of property owned by the Republic of Serbia (giving things for use, leasing things, transfer  of public property rights to another holder of public property with or without compensation, exchange, alienation of things, mortgage on real estate, investment in capital, pledge of movables) and many more.