About Us

Regional Anti-corruption Initiative’s mission is to lead regional cooperation to support anticorruption efforts by providing a common platform for discussions through sharing knowledge and best practices. RAI’s motto is: “We look for better anti-corruption solutions together”.

Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) is an intergovernmental regional organization, which deals solely with anti-corruption issues, covering the nine member states: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

It is a product of states’ cooperation, institutionalized by signing the Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation in fighting corruption through Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (previously known as Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative – SPAI), signed in 2007 and the Protocol amending the MoU, signed in 2013.

RAI serves as a concrete and visible demonstration of the commitment of its member countries to the continuing, concerted and coordinated fight against corruption in South East Europe.

RAI has built a common regional platform for discussions among the governments and civil society and has efficiently addressed its activities through tailored made training, peer-to-peer learning and exchange of modern knowledge products, modern communication tools and sharing good practices in a multidisciplinary setting.

In stipulating of the strategic objectives, RAI follows the developments and trends in its member countries and the
progress in the implementation of the key anti-corruption documents, focused on enhancing transparency, public
administration integrity, awareness raising and result-oriented application of anti-corruption mechanisms in targeted
priority areas.

The organization’s Secretariat is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.