North Macedonia

General Information

Since February 2019, State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (hereafter SCPC) was reinstated with a new leadership in an inclusive and transparent procedure and in line with the new Law on Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest. Following the progress in increasing the efforts and in delivering further tangible and sustainable results in the judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, intelligence services reform and public administration, on 26 March 2020, the European Council endorsed the Council’s decision to open accession negotiations with North Macedonia. In line with the EU Progress Reports and the GRECO recommendations from the Third and Fourth Evaluation Round, the legislative framework is largely complete and the institutional set-up is in place.

The SCPC has adopted a new five-year national strategy for prevention of corruption and conflict of interest, with an action plan for 2020/2021-2024/2025, based on corruption risk assessment, with an analysis of the sectors with the highest risks for corruption and prioritisation of these sectors for future action. The strategy was drafted in an inclusive process, involving relevant stakeholders and experts. It needs to be adopted by the Parliament. The SCPC monitors the implementation of the strategy and the related action plan and is responsible to inform the Parliament thereof.

The SCPC is autonomous and independent in exercising its function as a specialized anti-corruption institution responsible for prevention of corruption and conflict of interests. Although the SCPC does not have traditional investigative or prosecutorial powers, it has the power to request public institutions, officials and authorities, as well as financial institutions, public officials or responsible persons in public enterprises suspected of corruption crimes to submit information necessary for verification of assets and interest or other data relevant for the performance of SCPC functions, in accordance with the relevant legislation on prevention of corruption and conflict of interest, elections and whistleblower protection.

The Government elected on August 30th 2021 appointed a Vice-Premier in charge of the fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources, who is competent for the coordination of all the institutions involved in the fight against corruption.

Specialized law enforcement bodies dedicated to the fight against middle-level and high-level corruption have been established in North Macedonia. The main anti-corruption law-enforcement unit in charge of carrying out high-level corruption investigations is the in the Anti-corruption Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department within the Organized Crime Division of the Public Security Bureau (body within the Ministry of Interior). The Prosecution Office for Organized Crime and Corruption is a specialized prosecution which prosecutes and leads investigations against perpetrators of organized crime and corruption acts as determined by law, having jurisdiction on the entire territory of the country. The Criminal Court in Skopje has a specialized department for proceeding cases of organized crime and corruption with jurisdiction over the entire territory of the country.

Other institutions/bodies with competencies in the Anti-corruption area  include: the State Audit Office, the Financial Police Office, Financial Intelligence Office and State Revenue Office within the Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Justice and the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information.

Corruption Perception Surveys

Corruption Perception Index
by Transparency International:
39/100 (2021)
Government Effectiveness (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
+0,00 (2019)
Control of Corruption (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
-0,4 (2019)
Index of Economic Freedom
by Heritage Foundation:
69.5/100 (2020)
Corruption (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
3.25 (2020)
Democracy Score (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
3.75 (2020)
Fifth evaluation round-  Compliance Report
Issued: April 2021