The aim of the mapping is to provide key information regarding the legal, institutional and organizational framework for both, the prevention of and the fight against corruption. The mapping will enable anti-corruption authorities from the RAI member and observer states to improve their knowledge about each other and to enhance bilateral and regional cooperation. This section will be periodically updated in close cooperation with the respective institutions.

General Information

Albania has an established network of central institutions responsible for the drafting, implementation and oversight of anti-corruption policies. Their work is based on the Inter-Sectorial Strategy against Corruption 2015-2023, and Action Plan 2020-2023 that entered into force on 1 July 2020, containing 84 preventive, punitive and public awareness measures. Additionally, enacting a vast judicial reform through constitutional amendments and specific legislation, Albania has established new independent institutions. The Special Anti-Corruption Structure is an independent judicial body tasked with the investigation of corruption and organized crime. It consists of the National Bureau of Investigation, the Special Prosecution and the Special Courts. Albanian judges are currently undergoing a vetting process by the Independent Qualification Commission. Albania has continuously improved its legal framework on the prevention and fight against corruption. In light of this, on 25 March 2020, the Council of the European Union decided to open accession negotiations with Albania – subject to endorsement by the Council members in the intergovernmental conference. Albania is a party to all major international anti-corruption conventions.

Corruption Perception Surveys

Corruption Perception Index
by Transparency International:
35/100 (2021)
Government Effectiveness (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
0.06 (2019)
Control of Corruption (from -2,5 to +2,5),
World Governance Indicators by World Bank:
Index of Economic Freedom
by Heritage Foundation:
66.9/100 (2020)
Corruption (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
2.75 (2020)
Democracy Score (1=best, 7=worst),
Nations in Transit by Freedom House:
3.82 (2020)
Balkan Barometer 2020 by RCC Prevalence of bribes ranges from 13% to 45%, depending on the sector, with the highest bribery rate pertaining to the health services. When it comes to the perception of corruption in the business sector, Albania is making headway, with just 7% of business executives finding bribery to be necessary to facilitate doing business and 8% of respondents knowing the price of bribery.
Fifth evaluation round Report
Issued: December 2020