Summer School

The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative Summer School serves as a vital platform for anti-corruption professionals in Southeast Europe (SEE). It was officially launched in 2006 as a result of the Romanian Minister of Justice initiative. The Summer School has become one of the traditional and most recognizable activities of RAI

The Summer School aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of junior anti-corruption practitioners through the exchange of good practices and lessons learned. Beyond individual growth, the event is crucial in building regional relationships, promoting cooperation and strengthening ties with justice and law enforcement institutions at all levels. The curriculum aims to cater to different levels of expertise, with the inclusion of keynote lectures, interactive sessions, case studies and study visits. In addition to the top-notch academic program, various social and cultural activities are designed to build connections and support the networking of participants.

The general objective of the Summer School is to build and strengthen capacities and to exchange experiences and innovative approaches in diverse topics related to anti-corruption. The specific objectives include the transfer of knowledge and implementation of innovative approaches to learning. RAI selects Summer School topics to address the specific needs of participants, and engages experienced trainers with both expertise and effective teaching skills to deliver high-quality training. Collaboration with stakeholders, feedback mechanisms, and an emphasis on inclusivity contribute to refining the program and addressing the evolving needs of participants. Practical exercises and case studies are integrated to facilitate hands-on learning, creating an interactive and impactful training environment for junior anti-corruption practitioners. The summer school is organized every year, at different locations in the SEE region.

To ensure broad representation, the participants are selected representatives of RAI member countries with up to 5 years of professional experience in the area of anti-corruption, including also additional participants from non-RAI countries as self-payers.


RAI Summer School Alumni

The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative’s (RAI) Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners alumni network includes over 350 former participants, coming from 13 countries and jurisdictions from Southeast Europe.

RAI Summer School is not just about acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills from esteemed trainers; it is also about forging invaluable connections and networks among participants and trainers alike. These bonds are set to become the cornerstone of our collective efforts in combating corruption and fostering integrity across the region.

The Summer School alumni network serves as a platform for ongoing connection and collaboration. It’s a testament to the lasting impact of the Summer School, fostering relationships that extend beyond the duration of the program. As we move forward, we invite all past participants to join us in this endeavor.