Preventive – Moldova Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Institutional set-up for prevention and suppression of corruption


Established: 2002

Structure: Center is an unitary body, centralized and hierarchically structured, composed of a central office and territorial subdivisions (center, north and south).


  • preventing, detecting, investigating and curbing corruption contraventions and offenses and those related to corruption offenses, as well as acts of corrupt behavior;
  • performing anti-corruption expertise of draft normative acts of the Government, as well as other legislative initiatives submitted to Parliament, to ensure their compliance with state policy to prevent and combat corruption;  
  • performing the institutional integrity assessment, according to Law no. 325/2013 on institutional integrity assessment, monitoring the implementation of integrity plans and assessment of the progress that is achieved;
  • carry out operational and strategic analyses of corruption and related acts, as well as acts of corrupt behavior, of information on analytical studies on the corruption phenomenon;
  • recovery of criminal assets.

Permanence: Law on the National Anti-corruption Centre.

Appointment and removal: Centre is led by a director, appointed by the Parliament with the majority vote of elected deputies, for a mandate of 5 years, without the possibility of appointment for another mandate. In exercising his tasks, the director is assisted by two deputy directors, appointed by the Parliament, at the proposal of the director, for the period of the director’s mandate. 

Budget: The Center is financed from the state budget within the limits of the budgetary allocations approved by the annual budgetary law.


Established: 2016

Competencies: to ensure integrity in the exercise of public office by controlling property and personal interests and respecting the legal regime of conflicts of interest, incompatibilities, restrictions and limitations. It also has an Integrity Council. It is a collegiate advisory body, without being a component part of the National Integrity Authority.

Appointment and removal: Authority is made up of leadership and the apparatus. It is chaired by a President, assisted by a Vice President, who are appointed by the President of the Republic of Moldova at the proposal of the Integrity Council.

Budget: The authority is financed from the state budget.