Others – Moldova Anti Corruption Institutional Framework


Web: https://www.inj.md/en

Email: inj@inj.gov.md

Competencies: initial and continuous training of candidates for the position of judges and prosecutors, clerks, legal assistants, heads of court secretariats, prosecutor’s advisers, probation counselors and lawyers providing state-guaranteed legal assistance.

Structure: Council and Director

Permanence: Law on National Institute of Justice.

Web: https://www.sfs.md

Email: mail@sfs.md

Competencies: The activity of the State Fiscal Service is focused on providing public administrative services to taxpayers for the purpose of supervision, control in the field of taxation and finding of crimes.

Structure: Director and 4 deputy directors.

Web: http://www.ccrm.md/?l=en

E-mail: ccrm@ccrm.md

Established: 1994

Structure: consists of 7 members, including the President and the Vice-President. The Court of Accounts is assisted by the Administration of the Court of Accounts. Additionally, the Court can be  assisted by an Advisory Council

Competences: to audit and control the formation, management and use of public financial resources; to manage public property by carrying out external audit in the public sector; to evaluate the legality, regularity, conformity, economy, efficiency, effectiveness of the management of public financial resources and public patrimony; promote internationally recognized standards on transparency and accountability in the field of public finance management and ensure transparency by informing the responsible public authorities and the general public about its strategic, annual plans and about its findings and recommendations.

Web: https://www.mf.gov.md/en

E-mail: cancelaria@mf.gov.md

Structure:  One minister, 3 state secretaries as well as one general state secretary

Competencies: managing public finances, implementing the principles of good governance, developing effective public policies in the following areas: public finances, budgetary, public sector debt, state guarantees and state recredit, state assets and patrimony, financial inspection, public capital expenditures, taxes and fees, customs, accounting and reporting in the budgetary system, accounting and auditing in the corporate sector, public procurement, external assistance, internal financial-public control, salaries in the budget sector, the financial-banking and non-banking sector, precious metals and precious stones, precious metals and precious stones and evaluation activity. It also has a role in monitoring the quality of policies and regulations; proposing justified interventions of the state in offering efficient solutions in the fields of competence; analysis of situations and problems ensuring the best ratio between the expected results and the expected costs.

Web: http://www.ombudsman.md/en

Email: ombudsman@ombudsman.md

Established: 1997

Competencies: contributes to the protection of human rights and freedoms by preventing their violation, by monitoring and reporting on the observance of fundamental human rights and freedoms at national level, by improving the legislation related to the field of human rights and freedoms, by international collaboration in this field, by promoting human rights and freedoms and their defense mechanisms; ensures the observance of human rights and freedoms by public authorities, by organizations and enterprises, regardless of the type of property and legal form of organization, by non-profit organizations and by persons with positions of responsibility at all levels.

Appointment: The Parliament appoints two independent People’s Advocates, one of whom specializes in the protection of the rights and freedoms of the child. He is assisted in his work by two deputies

Structure: It consists of the People’s Advocate and the People’s Advocate for the Rights of the Child. The People’s Advocate for the Rights of the Child is assisted by a specialized subdivision within the Office of the People’s Advocate.

Website: https://tender.gov.md/en


Established: 1997

Competencies: to strengthen the capacities of contracting authorities and develop the skills of the business environment in the field of public procurement, to monitor compliance with public procurement procedures and to analyze the public procurement system.

Structure: It consists of a director and two deputy directors, the execution structure consists of persons with positions of responsibility who hold degrees of civil servants and contract staff.