Judiciary – Bosnia and Herzegovina Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Specialized Courts:



Email: pios@sudbih.gov.ba

tel. +387 33 707 100

General information

Established: 2002

Competencies: to try cases within its criminal jurisdiction, pertaining to organized crime, economic crime and corruption cases; has jurisdiction over the criminal cases punishable by the laws of entities and the Brčko District of BiH

Level of Independence

– Permanence: established as amendment to the Law on the Court of BiH 06.08.2002 (Official Gazette 24/02)

– Appointment: the Criminal Division is chaired by its President, who is elected by all judges of the Division

– Removal:

1. A judge may not perform his/her judicial duties in the following cases:

a) if she/he has been adversely affected by the crime;

b) if the suspect or accused, his/her defence counsel, the injured party, their legal representative or authorised agent, is his/her spouse or extramarital partner or direct blood relative at whatever degree and in a lateral line up to the fourth degree, or a relative by marriage up to the second degree;

c) if in the same criminal case he or she has performed actions as defence counsel, legal representative or authorised agent of the injured party, or has been examined as a witness or expert.

2. As soon as a judge learns that any of the grounds for disqualification exist, she/he must interrupt all work on that case and inform the president of the court, who shall appoint his/her replacement. If it is a question of disqualification of the president of the court, he/she shall appoint his/her own replacement.

3. If a judge feels that there are other circumstances which justify his/her disqualification, he /she shall so inform the president of the court.

– Immunity: Yes

– Financial Autonomy: budget adopted in standard procedure