Summer School Project 2016

Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI), in cooperation with Central European Initiative (CEI) and Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), hosted by the National Anti-corruption Centre of Moldova co-organized the annual Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South Eastern Europe in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Summer School gathered junior professionals from judiciary, prosecution bodies, and anti-corruption law enforcement bodies, who had an opportunity to obtain additional knowledge and exchange experience and best practices from the region. The event was also used as a platform for developing and fostering relationships among anti-corruption practitioners, since the regional cooperation in the field of financial investigations and asset recovery proved to be significantly important.

Participants passed a five-day intensive program, obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills from honorable experts on recovering proceeds of crimes. They learned about innovative approaches and practices in conducting financial investigations, using open sources, management, seizing and confiscating of criminal assets, offshore jurisdictions and international money movements and extended confiscation. Participants also had an opportunity to participate in a mock trial, focusing on confiscating proceeds of crime after a criminal conviction.

Lectures were delivered by respected trainers, coming from institutions as the Prosecutor’s Office in Torino, Italy; AML Consulting Global; Basel Institute on Governance; Department for Crime Prevention –  Ministry of Justice of Romania, and the World Bank.

The main outcome of the event, besides obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills from highly esteemed trainers, was creating links and networks among the participants and trainers that will serve to all participants in their future work and endeavors.

The organizers RAI Secretariat expresses its gratitude to:

  • Alberto Perduca,
  • Lawrence Day,
  • John Burrow,
  • Pedro Gomes Pereira,
  • Andrei Furdui, and
  • Yee Man Yu

for their invaluable contributions to the event.

Upon an evaluation test, successful participants obtained RAI Summer School Certificates.


List of Participants