Summer School Project 2008

RAI Secretariat organized for a third consecutive year the Summer School for Junior Magistrates from South – Eastern Europe, which took place in Kotor, Montenegro, on June 9 – 15, 2008. The event was co-organized with the Directorate for Anti-corruption Initiative of Montenegro.

It was proved again that the Summer School was useful annual forum, where young judges and prosecutors from the region meet with the idea to establish a comprehensive network of perspective, and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of honorable lecturers from relevant national anti-corruption bodies, international organizations and civil society.

This year’s edition of the Summer School consisted of four training modules:

  1. International standards in anti-corruption – the implementation of relevant conventions of United Nations and Council of Europe. The international instrument on focus will be the UN Convention against Corruption and especially chapter IV – “International Cooperation” and chapter V – “Asset Recovery”.
  2. Anti-corruption policies and preventive measures – available tools and best practices.
  3. EU experience regarding the international judicial cooperation in criminal matters stressing on the activity of structures like OLAF, EUROPOL, INTERPOL and EUROJUST.
  4. Reform of the judiciary and anti-corruption, as challenges of the EU accession process.

The Summer School was attended by the speakers from UNODC, Council of Europe, EULEX Mission in Kosovo, Vienna University of Economics, Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office, Romanian Ministry of Justice, Slovenian Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Montenegrin Directorate for Anti-corruption Initiative and relevant state and local institutions.

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  1. Anti-corruption policies and preventive measures – available tools and best practices
  2. The Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) framework for cooperation and sharing best practices in the fight against corruption in SEE
  3. How is Romania fighting corruption?
  4. International cooperation provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption
  5. The fight against corruption and Criminal Law in Austria