Summer School Project 2014

9th Summer School for Junior Anti-Corruption Practitioners from South Eastern Europe

June 01-07, 2014 – Sibiu, Romania

Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and National Institute for Magistracy from Romania co-organized the annual Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South Eastern Europe in Paltinis (Sibiu), Romania.

This annual event is an intensive five-day program designed for familiarizing participants with contemporary insights in selected areas of corruption theory and anti-corruption practice and it took place for the 9th consecutive year. It was focused on the need to enhance the capacity of the authorities in charge with Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery. The young practitioners coming from different countries region wide had the opportunity to increase their knowledge on the subject they work on. The participants also had the occasion to establish informal professional links between themselves, since regional cooperation proves to be especially important in the field of asset recovery and financial investigations.

Trainers, coming from such institutions as The Prosecutor’s Office in Torino, Italy, Basel Institute on Governance, National Asset Recovery Office of Romania, London Metropolitan Police, Institute for Austrian and European Economic Criminal Law, lectured on topics related to international instruments for recovering criminal assets, mutual legal assistance for the purpose of seizing and confiscating assets, returning of confiscated assets, as well as offshore jurisdictions and international money movements.

The event was closed with final evaluation test, followed by graduation ceremony.

RAI Secretariat expresses its gratitude to

Mr. Alberto Perduca

Mr. Pedro Gomes Pereira

Dr. Severin Glaser

Mr. Lawrence Day

Mr. John Burrow

Mr. Cornel-Virgiliu Calinescu

Mag. Markus Hoecher

for their invaluable contributions to the event.


List of participants