Summer School Project 2013

8th Summer School for Junior Magistrates from South Eastern Europe

June 03-07, 2013 – Novi Sad, Serbia

The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) Secretariat, in cooperation with the Judicial Academy of Republic of Serbia, co-organized the annual Summer School for Junior Magistrates from South Eastern Europe on June 03-07, 2013, in Novi Sad, Serbia. Launched in 2006 as a forum for exchange of ideas and practices among young judges, prosecutors and investigators, the event was organized for 8th consecutive year and was dedicated to the “Anti-corruption Standards in Practical Means”. It consisted of three main training modules:

  1. Application of the international anti-corruption standards in practice and case studies;
  2. Practical impediments in fighting high level corruption and their overpass (system of immunities, political pressure, etc.);
  3. Asset Recovery. Carrying out financial investigations.

In the framework of the event the junior magistrates spent one week in academic environment alongside the Danube River gaining from the knowledge and experience of honorable lecturers coming from public institutions, international organizations and civil society. The young prosecutors and judges were given the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience on the anti-corruption field, to comment the weak and the strong points of their daily work, thus building bridges between the people in South–Eastern Europe.

The framework of the Summer School included presentations by experts from UNODC, Vienna University of Economics and Business, the Prosecutor’s Office in Torino – Italy, EUROPOL, the Serbian State Attorney Office, London Metropolitan Police, etc. During the special outdoor session, the junior magistrates visited the District Court in Novi Sad.

The event was closed with final evaluation test passed successfully by the attendants. It was followed by certificate ceremony lead by Mr. Radu Cotici – Head of RAI Secretariat.