Judiciary – Macedonia Anti Corruption Institutional Framework


Web: http://www.sud.mk/wps/portal/osskopje1/sud/!ut/p/z1/hY4xC8IwFIR_S4eO5j2w1OgWQQvqpILxLdJKTAtpU9Jo8N8bcRKU3nZ338EBgQTqykejS9_YrjTRnym_5EWWId_ijh_2SxQrnPHjXGCxRjiNARRr_CPx3tMYsgHSxlafN6KrplwDOXVTTjl2dzGuve-HRYophhCYtlYbxa62TfHXpLaDB_lNQt9KnFD1DCJJXpELPs4!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Established: 2008

Competencies: In the Criminal Court of First Instance Skopje, the specialized court department is established with jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Republic. The specialized court unit has competencies to try:

– criminal offenses committed by a structured group of three or more persons, which exists for a certain period of time and acts in order to commit one or more criminal offenses punishable by imprisonment for at least four years. with the intention to directly or indirectly gain financial or other benefit,

– criminal offenses committed by a structured group or criminal organization on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia or other countries or when the crime is prepared or planned in the Republic of Macedonia or in another country,

– criminal offenses abuse of official position and authority under Article 353 paragraph 5, receiving a bribe of significant value from Article 357 and illicit mediation under Article 359 all of the Criminal Code, all committed by elected or appointed official, official or responsible person in a legal entity and

-criminal offenses unauthorized production and distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors referred to in Article 215 paragraph 2, money laundering and other proceeds of crime Article 273, terrorist threat to the constitutional order and security under Article 313, giving a bribe of a higher value under than Article 358, illegal influence on witnesses under Article 368-a, criminal association under Article 394, terrorist organization under Article 394-a, terrorism under Article 394-b, crimes of human trafficking under Article 418-a, crimes of migrant smuggling under Article 418-b, trafficking of minors under Article 418-d and other crimes against humanity and international law of incriminated by the Criminal Code, regardless of  the number of perpetrators.

Permanence: Law on Courts

Appointment: Elected and dismissed by the Judicial Council

Financial Autonomy: budget as a part of the Judicial Budget