Preventive – Montenegro Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Institutional set-up for prevention and suppression of corruption




Established: 20163

Structure: Bodies of the Agency shall be the Council of the Agency and director of the Agency. The Council shall have five members.

Competencies: prevention of conflict of public and private interest, restrictions in the exercise of public functions, control of receiving gifts, sponsorships and donations, verification of the reports on income and assets of the public officials, acting upon whistle-blower applications, whistle-blower protection,  supervises adoption and implementation of integrity plans,  gives opinions on draft laws and other regulations and general acts for the purpose of their alignment with international standards in the field of anti-corruption, initiates and conducts proceedings for establishing the violation of the provisions of the present and other laws governing the responsibilities of the Agency, cooperates with the competent authorities, higher education institutions and research organizations and other entities, in order to implement the activities in the area of ​​prevention of corruption, keep records and registers in accordance with the present Law, issues misdemeanour reports and initiate misdemeanour and other proceedings, conducts educational, research and other preventive anti-corruption activities, exercises regional and international cooperation in preventing anti-corruption and perform other duties prescribed by law. It supervises the implementation of regulations governing financing of political entities and electoral campaigns and lobbying.

Permanence: Law on Prevention of Corruption; Statute of the Agency on Prevention of Corruption (2016)

Appointment: Members of the Council shall be elected by the Parliament, at the proposal of the working body responsible for anti-corruption affairs.

Financial Autonomy: Budget of the Agency is proposed by the Director to the Council of the Agency. The Council adopts the budget, while the National Assembly of Montenegro approves it.