Judiciary – Croatia Anti Corruption Institutional Framework

Specialized Courts:


Zagreb: Website; tel.+38514801111

Osijek: Website; tel. +38531228400

Rijeka: Website; tel. +38551355555

Split: Website; tel. +38521387500

Level of Independence

– Permanence: established by Official Gazette no. 88/2001 Law on the Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime

– Appointment: (1) The panels of the County Court that tries the cases from Article 21 hereof shall be composed of three judges. (2) The judges referred to in the paragraph 1 above sited in courts referred to in the Article 24 paragraph 2 hereof shall be assigned to the panels by the president of that County Court for a period of four years, with the previous opinion of the Panel of Judges from among the judges experienced in working on complicated cases.

– Financial Autonomy: budget adopted in standard procedure