12-13 February: Regional Anti-Corruption Project Team meets in Sarajevo

AIRE Centre  and RAI Secretariat started with implementation of a 2-year Regional Project titled Strengthening anti-corruption in the South East Europe through improving asset seizure measures (the Regional Anti-corruption Project) in November 2018. The Project is funded by the British Government.


February 12 and 13 were dedicated to the coordination and planning for 2019 with the outlook for 2020. The meeting took place in Sarajevo and it gathered all the staff and experts involved in the implementation.

2019 will be dedicated to trainings for judges and prosecutors in international cooperation in criminal matters with the focus on international cooperation in asset recovery as well as on effective asset recovery in line with international and European standards. The trainings will be complemented by comprehensive handbooks and delivered by eminent experts in the respective fields.

For more information about the project, its objectives and implementing partners please visit our Asset Recovery page.


RAI Secretariat
14 February 2019