Asset recovery

RAI Secretariat’s efforts will continue to be focused on enhancing regional cooperation and strengthening the capacity of key national institutions to develop and implement good practices in asset recovery in line with international and European standards. Following the successful implementation of the short-term Asset Recovery project (2017-2018) and the two-year Regional Asset Recovery Project (October 2018-November 2020), RAI Secretariat will continue to disseminate and promote the handbooks and reports which have been developed within the framework of these projects.

Specialized training for judges, prosecutors and investigators in the field of asset recovery has proved as a valuable activity for beneficiaries and RAI Secretariat will continue with actions in this regard. RAI Secretariat will further strengthen relationships with the key national and regional stakeholders, with the aim to establish solid partnerships for further promotion and enhancing regional cooperation in the field of asset recovery. Concrete efforts will be put forward towards contracting a follow-up project and further development of cooperation with UNODC Regional Asset Recovery Project (2020-2023).