Zagreb: Regional Workshop “Integrity and Control Measures in Defence and Law Enforcement institutions”

Zagreb 20-21 May 2024 – RAI Secretariat in partnership with RACVIAC organized the two-day Regional Workshop “Integrity and Control Measures in Defence and Law Enforcement Institutions” boasting more than 30 participants from the region.

Recognizing that integrity and combating corruption in the defence and security sectors pose a shared challenge in the region, the Workshop aimed to enhance the capabilities of ministries of defence and internal affairs in addressing integrity and corruption issues through a multidisciplinary approach. The Lecturers and discussions intended to equip participants with knowledge on best practices related to controlling conflicts of interest and safeguarding classified information. By raising awareness on innovative anti-corruption policies, as well as necessary legal and regulatory frameworks, the Workshop sought to enhance the participants’ abilities to combat corruption effectively.

The Workshop was opened by H.E. Ambassador Constantin-Mihail Grigorie, Director of RACVIAC and Mr. Dražen Jelenić, RAI Chairperson.  Ambassador Grigorie in his introductory speech complimented and thanked RAI for the outstanding cooperation as well as excellent topics and exquisite speakers.

Throughout the years for a decade now RAI and RACVIAC together covered a wide range of topics from the impact of conflict of interest on decision-making, transparency, and trust in the institutions to instruments that are at our disposal to fight corruption such as asset declaration and whistleblower protection. This Workshop was an excellent opportunity for the further development of regional cooperation on institutional integrity and fighting corruption through the exchange of information and sharing of best practices, the Ambassador concluded. The participation and contribution were awaited with great interest and, therefore, he urged the participants to fully take advantage of this event.

RAI Chairperson, Mr. Dražen Jelenić, pointed out that corruption is a pervasive issue that affects every aspect of our society, perpetuating poverty and inequality, and hindering growth. The security and defense sectors have a critical role to play in combatting corruption, as they are not immune to its effects. “By working together and strengthening our collaboration on a regional level, we can make significant strides in our fight against corruption” he stated.  RAI Chairperson concluded his remarks by expressing confidence that the discussions and exchanges during the Workshop would be valuable and contribute significantly to our collective efforts. He wished a successful and productive workshop to everyone.

The Workshop was attended in total by more than 30 lecturers and participants who are mid-level representatives of ministries of defence and interior (officials dealing with integrity measures, prevention and detection of conflict of interest, classified data protection), as well as anti-corruption agencies and other relevant national institutions from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Türkiye.