Youth Perception on Whistleblowing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

An online Survey on Youth Perception of Whistleblowing, which the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative first conducted among the members of the youth anti-corruption teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the summer of 2020, noted that a large number (67,4%) of young people in this group understand the meaning of whistleblowing. When looking at youth attitudes towards whistleblowing, we found that the reporting of wrongdoings is likely to generate more positive than negative emotions among them. Youth views, understanding, and values relating to whistleblowing are illustrated below:

This pilot survey was conducted within the framework of the project ‘Breaking the Silence: Enhancing the Whistleblowing Policies and Culture in Western Balkans and Moldova’, funded by the European Union. The survey will be conducted in other beneficiary jurisdictions in the coming months. Therefore, RAI invites you to stay tuned for an upcoming comparative overview of the attitudes towards whistleblowing among the youth in Southeast Europe.