Whistleblowers are important: Raising Awareness about the Whistleblowing in South East Europe

We are pleased to announce that Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) concluded a contract with the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) on 18 July on the award of a grant by the RCC for the implementation of the Action entitled: “Whistleblowers are important: Raising Awareness about the Whistleblowing in South East Europe”.



The project whose duration will be six months aims to improve the status and the protection of whistleblowers in the South East Europe, as well as to break stereotypes and prejudice about whistleblowers. The grant awarded by the RCC will enable RAI to produce a documentary about whistleblowers in the region through which the general public will be given an opportunity to learn about the importance of whistleblowing. RAI plans to gather stories about whistleblowers from the region in the documentary, hoping it will reach wider anti-corruption, justice and governance community. It is intended that the Documentary will be implemented using the Barometer Survey information and relying on Secretariat’s wide network of public servants dealing with whistleblowing in national governments, CSOs working on advocacy and/or protection of whistleblowers in the region and actual whistleblowers.

Besides telling the whistleblowing stories, the documentary aims to initiate a regional discussion on the ways of improving the status and protection of whistleblowers in South East Europe. The specific objective of the project is to raise awareness among the general public on the importance of whistleblowing in private and public sector.

RAI plans the documentary to be widely promoted and distributed across the regional universities and academic community for the purpose of sparking the discussion on whistleblowing. In addition, RAI intends to organize one regional event with the representatives of national governments and CSOs hoping to promote the concept of whistleblowing and strengthen the capacity of institutions to deal with whistleblowers.

For more information, please contact RAI Secretariat.

18 July 2016