The approach to the implementation of the Objective 3: Whistleblowing – raising public awareness & strengthening national capacities will be three-pronged and will entail promotion of disclosure channels and protection mechanisms for whistleblowers by strengthening the legislative framework and institutional arrangements; strengthening the capacity of civil society to support whistleblowing through public policy advocacy, public education, legal aid and other support to whistleblowers; and enhancing the public awareness, especially of youth,
about the importance of whistleblowing in the fight against corruption and educate the public about whistleblower
protection mechanisms.

This approach will be based on the gap analysis of the existing legal framework on whistleblower protection in the
Western Balkans and Moldova and the resulting recommendations for improvements, especially in light of the EU
Directive on the Protection of Persons who Report Breaches of the Union Law.

This action will be paired with the assessment of whistleblowing institutional arrangements in Western Balkans and Moldova and followed by the targeted capacity building based on a capacity needs assessment. Finally, the public information and education campaign targeting
the general public, professional community and youth will be developed and implemented in the Western Balkans and Moldova.

This objective will be realized through the implementation of the three-year project ‘Breaking the Silence: Enhancing Whistleblowing Policies and Culture in Western Balkans and Moldova’ (April 2020 – March 2023) funded by the European Union. The participation of Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania in the project activities will be supported by RAI. RAI Secretariat will continue to support its partners in the government and non-governmental sector in enforcing whistleblowing as an anticorruption tool. RAI’s actions will build upon previous work and results achieved to date in improving whistleblowing practices in the SEE.