The New Chairperson of RAI

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

I am honored to address you as the newly appointed Chairperson of the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative.

At the same time, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the former Chairperson, Ms. Laura Stefan, for her dedicated and excellent work, which laid the foundation for my continued chairing of RAI.

Being familiar with RAI’s commendable efforts in the fight against corruption in Southeast Europe, I am eager to take on this significant responsibility within organisation. This role presents a great opportunity for me to actively contribute to the realisation of RAI’s mission and objectives, for the benefit of all citizens of the region.

I am enthusiastic to be able to collaborate with the RAI member states, the Steering Group, the Head of RAI Secretariat and her team, as well as with our valued partner organisations and beneficiaries. The prospect of supporting RAI in perpetuating and advancing its excellent work in assisting member states in their anti-corruption striving in the upcoming period is both inspiring and motivating. My commitment lies in reinforcing and expediting the existing partnerships of RAI, establishing new ones, and exploring innovative opportunities for collaborative action in Southeast Europe and beyond.

Together, I am confident that we can strengthen RAI’s position and enhance its role in Southeast Europe. I look forward to the collective efforts and achievements that lie ahead as we work towards a decreased corruption in our region in the future.



Drazen Jelenic

RAI Chairperson