Tbilisi, Georgia June 6th Conference on Assessing the Implementation and Effectiveness of Systems for Disclosing Interests and Assets by Public Officials

Conference on “Assessing the Implementation and Effectiveness of Systems for Disclosing Interests and Assets by Public Officials” is taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia today. The event is hosted by the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia and co-organised by the Anti-Corruption Network of OECD, UNDP, the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI).


The conference will bring together around 100 participants from OECD/ACN countries, OECD member and non-member States and specifically:

– Policy makers and practitioners responsible for the design, management, implementation, enforcement and on-going evaluation and improvement of IADPOs;
– Members of parliament;
– Public officials of various ranks;
– Civil society, academics and media representatives; and
– International organisations

RAI is represented at the Conference with  three representatives: Mr. Davor Dubravica, RAI Chairperson, Mr. Vladan Joksimovic, Head of RAI Secretariat and Mr. Tomislav Curic, Anti-corruption Expert.

The conference is expected to give fresh momentum to the international dialogue on IADPOs by bringing into the spotlight the implementation and enforcement aspects, which have not yet been thoroughly studied; to help identify good practices in periodic evaluation of effectiveness and impact assessment of IADPOs; to shed light on the effectiveness of IADPOs as applied to high-risk sectors or categories of public officials, such as procurement agents, tax and customs officers, and financial authorities; and to analyse the role and function of IADPOs in the broader context of national anti-corruption strategies so as to gauge whether they have an impact on or are at present generating potential for more forceful prevention and detection of corruption and public perception thereof.

For the Concept Paper and Agenda of the Event please go to following LINK.

List of Participants

RAI Secretariat
06 June 2017