International Business Attitudes to Corruption Survey 2015-2016

The report is based on a survey of legal and compliance specialists in more than 800 companies worldwide. It is informed by Control Risks’ own experience of working with international businesses to mitigate corruption risks in complex and challenging environments. The report presents comparative data of developed economies and emerging markets, and takes a long-term view by assessing the findings from 2015 against Control Risks’ research from 2002 and 2006.

The findings reinforce many long-standing conclusions about the global anti-corruption and compliance landscape. However, they also shine a new and, perhaps, unexpected light on other issues.

The survey shows that corruption remains a major hazard in international business, and there are no grounds for complacency. Companies are still losing business to corrupt competitors, demands for facilitation payments are a continuing threat in emerging markets, and companies are still deterred from doing business in particular countries because of the risk of corruption.

Control Risks 2016