Seminar on asset recovery organized by RAI, AIRE Centre, and RS Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centre in Banja Luka

The Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Centre (JPTC) of Republika Srpska, the Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (AIRE Centre) and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative Secretariat (RAI) Secretariat organized a seminar for professional training of judicial staff in this Republika Srpska. This seminar is a part of the project “Combating corruption and organised crime in the Western Balkans through strengthening regional cooperation in asset recovery” implemented by the Advice on Individual AIRE Centre in cooperation with the RAI Secretariat, with funding from the United Kingdom government.

The seminar gathered criminal law professionals, including judges and prosecutors, as well as inspectors and representatives of the Agency for Management of Confiscated Property of the Republika Srpska. The aim of the seminar was to contribute to improving judicial decisions on confiscation of assets, as well as decisions on entrusting the confiscated property, funds and objects to the RS Confiscated Property Management Agency. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with examples from practice and regional experience in asset recovery.

Lectures were given by professor Eldan Mujanović, on the confiscation of property in the legal systems in BiH, and the prosecutor Diana Kajmaković, who focused on examples and best practices in the management of the confiscated property in criminal cases. Aleksandar Sladojević spoke about examples from the work of the Agency for Management of Confiscated Property of the Republika Srpska.

Program activities will continue with regional events in Pristina, Podgorica and Tirana, with the primary goal to exchange good practices and advocate for more efficient solutions in the asset recovery in the region.