RAI Secretariat visited Moldovan Authorities on 21-22 September 2017, in Chisinau.

The visit was organized within the Regional Programme on Strengthening the Capacity of Anti-corruption Authorities and Civil Society to Combat Corruption and Contribute to the UNCAC Review Process, RAI is currently implementing together with UNODC, supported by the Austrian Development Agency.
Mr. Vladan Joksimovic, Head of RAI Secretariat and Ms. Iva Komsic, Programme Officer met the Director of the National Anti Corruption Centre (NAC) of Republic of Moldova Mr. Viorel Chetraru and his team – Ms Cristina Tarna, Mr. Valeriu Cupea and Mr. Vitaliu Verebceanu, and presented the latest developments of the Regional Programme, in the field of Corruption Proofing of Legislation and Corruption Risk Assessment, as well as to discuss the forthcoming activities planned within the Regional Programme.

The Programme Team used the possibility of being in Chisinau to meet with the Minister of Justice of Republic of Moldova, Mr. Vladimir Cebotari and to present in details the International Treaty on Data Exchange in Asset Disclosure and Conflict of Interest facilitated by RAI, its benefits for Moldova and the region, as well as the planned activities until the end of the year.


Meeting was also held with Ms. Lilia Carasciuc from Transparency International Moldova whereas Mr. Joksimovic and Ms. Komsic exchanged the views when it comes to the anti-corruption projects in Moldova and the overall situation in this particular field.

RAI Team held an official dinner on 21st September with the President of National Integrity Authority, Mr. Anatoli Donciu and his team and used this possibility to present the latest developments within the Regional Programme, on International Treaty on Data Exchange in Asset Disclosure and Conflict of Interest in particular.

On 22nd September RAI organized a Workshop on Corruption Proofing of Legislation for and with the representatives of NAC, focused on the review of the Moldovan Methodology on Corruption Proofing, developed by RAI. In addition, RAI used the possibility to get a better overview of the new IT software NAC is using to corruption proof the laws.

In parallel, Mr. Joksimovic met with Ms. Alla Skvortova from UNDP Moldova and her team as well as with Mr. Alexander Karner, the ADA Head of Country Office and presented the current status of the Regional Programme in Moldova and the region. Further on, Mr. Joksimovic exchanged the views about the other anti-corruption projects currently under way in Moldova as well as the possible projects in the pipeline.

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22 September 2017
RAI Secretariat