RAI Secretariat Partakes in SCPC’s event on the occasion of International Anti-corruption Day

On December 9, 2020, the RAI Secretariat’s Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor, Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska presented the project activities and emphasized the excellent cooperation with the national anti-corruption authorities and the CSOs at the online event for marking the International Anti-Corruption Day organized by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of North Macedonia.
During the presentation of the work activities in the past two years, it has been mentioned that the Commission has adopted 713 decisions, among them cases related to corruption, conflict of interest, non-compliance with the party finding regulations during the election period and verification of asset declarations, initiated 340 procedures at own initiative, adopted and reviewed 1700 reports for misuse of official position, corruption and conflict of interest and conducted corruption proofing of 16 laws.

“The results from the surveys show an increase in the level of confidence in the system for the prevention of corruption and in the Commission and this positive trend should be used to encourage the citizens to report the illegal and corruptive acts while offering them an efficient protection in coordination with the other state institutions and the civil society.”, emphasized the President of the Commission, Ms. Biljana Ivanovska.