RAI and UNODC hold a second ACIF Roadmap Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 29-30, 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia: the UNODC in cooperation with RAI, and with generous support from the UK Government, organized the Second Regional Technical Level Meeting on Regional Anti-corruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap for Western Balkans jurisdictions, as a follow-up to the First Regional Technical Level Meeting organized in Vienna, on November 7-8, 2022.


The event is aimed at emphasizing the Roadmap goals and outputs as well as identifying possible priorities for the next year, according to national delegations’ needs presented throughout the first and second technical level meetings

This event represents the warm-up exercise for the upcoming High-level conference which will take place in Skopje, North Macedonia on December 14th and will bring together government officials, civil servants, anti-corruption professionals and CSOs representatives.

The Head of Secretariat, Mrs Desislava Gotskova in her opening remarks highlighted again the importance of the ACIF Roadmap for the region and reaffirmed the RAI commitment to ensure regional ownership, being actively engaged in the implementation of the ACIF Roadmap project which aims at boosting the UNCAC implementation process and EU accession of the Region.

RAI acknowledges the pivotal role of the Anticorruption and Illicit Finance Roadmap as a strong anticorruption tool in the Western Balkans region and strongly supports the national authorities to strengthen the interagency and regional cooperation aimed at implementing the Roadmap goals as a matter of priority, bearing in mind that corruption respects no borders and represents a clear threat to national security, rule of law and peace.