RAI Receives Observer Status to European Partners Against Corruption (EPAC)

In accordance with its mission to lead regional cooperation to support anti-corruption efforts by providing a common platform for discussions through sharing knowledge and best practices, RAI has recently applied for the status of observer to EPAC (European Partners Against Corruption). The application was officially filed on 4 May this year, and was discussed and granted at the 16th Annual Professional Conference and General Assembly of EPAC/EACN which took place from 15th to 17th November in Riga, Latvia.


It is RAI’s belief that a closer cooperation with EPAC will bring an added value for both organisations by enabling them to communicate and exchange experiences, validating the synergies in their activities, and thus deliver better results. RAI is also confident that such a collaboration will effectively support the existing anti-corruption efforts in the region.

RAI Secreatariat was granted Observer status unanimously.

RAI delegation with newly elected EPAC/EACN president, Mr. Andreas Wieselthaler, Director of the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK), Austria
RAI delegation with Mr. Giovanni Kessler, ex EPAC/EACN President, OLAF Director General

RAI Secretariat
17 November 2016