Podgorica, Montenegro: Regional Workshop on Corruption Risk Assessment and Institutional Integrity


Regional Workshop on Corruption Risk Assessment and Institutional Integrity was held on May 30-31 in Podgorica, Montenegro. The event was jointly organized by Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative – RAI and RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation, hosted by the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro.

The objective of the Workshop was to increase capacity of public authorities in the field of corruption risk assessment and integrity, as well as strengthen the cooperation between anti-corruption bodies and ministries of defence in South East Europe. The Workshop was designed to enable participants to gain better understanding of the specific elements related to corruption risk assessment, integrity measures, identification and mitigation of corruption risks, prevention of corruption in public procurement and financial control management.

Participants were greeted by Mrs Ana Ezova-Krzaloska (IRC Programme Manager, RACVIAC), Mr Davor Dubravica (Chairperson, Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative – RAI), and Mrs Alma Adrovic (Head of NATO and EU Department, Ministry of Defence of Montenegro).

RAI Secretariat was represented by RAI Chairperson Davor Dubravica, Anti-Corruption Expert Tomislav Curic, Finance and Administrative Officer Aida Bulbul and Intern Dzeneta Tabakovic.

RAI Member Countries were represented by one representative from a national anti-corruption institution.

More about the workshop and participants can be found in the Final Agenda and the List of Participants.

RAI Secretariat

30 May 2017