OSCE & RAI Secretariat join hands to conduct a comparative analysis of asset recovery in Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova and Romania

June 2018 – The OSCE and the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative Secretariat are pleased to announce a study analyzing asset recovery mechanisms in Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova and Romania. The study looks at final court judgments in cases of corruption, with a particular focus on human rights standards and identifies shortcomings at the national level which can affect regional and international co-operation.

The study complements its sister publication, Asset Recovery in the Western Balkans – A comparative Analysis of Legislation and Practice, a comparative study prepared by the RAI Secretariat and the AIRE Centre, with the support of the OSCE, regarding the seizure of illegally acquired property in the Western Balkans. Both studies are part of a broader project on combating corruption in Southeastern Europe and strengthening regional co-operation in the field of asset recovery.

The conclusions of both studies will inform future activities in the Southeast Europe to strengthen the capacities of the relevant authorities in connection to the asset recovery process.


20180611-Asset Recovery RAI4 Cover

For more information please contact the Secretariat.
RAI Secretariat
11 June 2018