London Summit 2018: Anti-corruption Commitments and the Role of RAI

The 2018 Western Balkans Summit in London, United Kingdom, was the fifth annual summit within the Berlin Process initiative for European integration of Western Balkans states. The summit took place on July 9-10. Previous summits took place in Berlin in 2014Vienna in 2015Paris in 2016 and Trieste in 2017.


The issues primarily discussed in London included increasing economic stability within the scope of improving the business environment, promoting entrepreneurship, curbing youth unemployment, and promoting regional inter-connectivity. Also on the table was strengthening regional security co-operation to help tackle common threats, including corruption, serious and organised crime, trafficking of people, drugs and firearms, and terrorism and violent extremism.

In this respect, RAI Secretariat has been recognized as a Regional Orgnaisation contributing to the stated commitments in the field of anti-corruption. For more information please read the Declaration by the Chair of the Interior and Security Ministers meeting.

RAI Secretariat