June 12-13, Trieste: Western Balkans' Anti-Corruption Authorities exchange expertise ahead of Trieste Summit

Head of Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) Mr. Vladan Joksimovic attended the TAIEX Regional workshop on obstacles to good governance in the Western Balkans. The meeting has been organised in cooperation with the Italian Anti-Corruption National Agency (ANAC), and it  brought together anti-corruption authorities in the Western Balkans and their peers in EU Member States.


Mr. Joksimovic spoke about importance of regional cooperation on data exchange in specific segments of anti-corruption such as assets disclosure and conflict of interest. He encouraged the governments to endorse and adopt the regional instrument on data exchange which  has been facilitated  by the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) and its nine member countries. The establishment of the regional framework and mechanism will enable and streamline communication, and will simplify the present time-consuming processes that involve multiple government authorities.

Workshop is preparatory event in building the momentum towards the Trieste Summit on 12 July that will gather the Heads of States and Government of  Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and six Western Balkan high-level government representatives. The aim will be to reaffirm the region’s EU perspective and improve cooperation and economic stability.

RAI Secretariat
13 June 2017