Head of RAI Secretariat meets the Bulgarian Minister of Justice

Sofia, September 14, 2021 – Head of RAI Secretariat, Ms. Desislava Gotskova met the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, Prof. Yanaki Stoilov today.

Minister Stoilov and Ms. Gotskova noted the fruitful cooperation maintained by the Ministry of Justice and the Regional Anti-corruption initiative during the previous years and discussed the opportunities for broadening the cooperation through the activities of the RAI Secretariat in the years to come.

One of the potential areas of action discussed is the International Treaty on Exchange of Data for the Verification of Asset Declarations, which was signed by three jurisdictions from the Western Balkans early this year, and which represents an outstanding tool for regional cooperation in the area of verification of asset declarations. Ms. Gotskova reiterated RAI’s commitment to continue to support RAI member countries in specific areas including conflict of interest, corruption risk assessment, and corruption proofing of legislation, whistleblower protection, and asset recovery.