ASK Montenegro submitted an initiative for the unification of the legal framework regulating the issues of management, supervision, actual and potential conflict of interest and transparency of the work of public enterprises

In the initiative sent to the Government of Montenegro, the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (Agencija za Sprječavanje Korupcije- ASK) sheds light on the areas/issues that urgently need to be regulated, which concern the unification of the aforementioned areas, such as:

Professionalization of the management of public enterprises through the provision of clear criteria for the selection of members of the management boards and directors of these enterprises, the provision of clear mechanisms for controlling the work of management, increasing the transparency of the work of public enterprises and regulating the issue of conflicts of interest.

The Agency’s resources on this topic were further strengthened and engaged by the implementation of the Southeast Europe-Together Against Corruption (SEE-TAC) project implemented by the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which is implemented with the aim of creating sectoral risk assessments of corruption in legislation with control regulations in the areas of higher education and public enterprises