Romania: Anti-corruption head Kovesi – External, internal pressure on prosecutors exists

There is external pressure upon the anti-corruption prosecutors, from some of the investigated persons, as well as internal pressure, determined by the deadlines to be observed, said on Sunday the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) head, Laura Codruta Kovesi in a broadcast to ProTv private television.


“The external pressure would also be the public statements. You’ve noticed, for many times people we are investigating, persons with important positions commenting even on the private life or the person of a prosecutor who is investigating them. I’ve seen several times situations when persons under investigation exit the DNA building and head to a television channel to make commentaries on their criminal file, and the DNA prosecutors could not react, because we could not comment the cases publicly. (…) Then, there is an internal pressure when a preventive measure is set, the remanding, for instance, within a few hours one should finalise the case, make the report for arrest, bring evidence. This is a pressure, too for a prosecutor, and yet I don’t believe you’ve seen a DNA prosecutor to complain,” said Kovesi for the ‘After 20 years’ broadcast aired by Pro TV.

In her opinion, the most important thing is that the anti-corruption prosecutors make it to face all kinds of pressure.

“Most importantly is that the DNA prosecutors are enough professionally mature, they are brave and not intimidated neither by these pressures, nor by the complaints the lawyers or any other persons under investigation table to the Judicial Inspection or anywhere else. They are simply people who believe in what they do, who observe the law and do their job,” added Laura Codruta Kovesi.


10 April 2016