36th Meeting of the RAI Steering Group

36th Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) Steering Group Meeting took place on November 2-3, 2021 in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Justice and Administration of Republic of Croatia and organized by the RAI Secretariat.

The meeting was used, inter alia, for reflecting upon Work Plan 2021-2022, present what has been done and plan for 2022, as well as to discuss on the new planning cycle for 2023-2024. Moreover, following a presentation, Steering Group adopted RAI Core budget for 2022.

Following the information from Secretariat about strategic partnerships during the session on cooperation with partners, SG had an opportunity to exchange views with the International Anti-corruption Academy (IACA), Integrative Internal Security Governance Secretariat (IISG), Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA) and Commission for the Resolution of Conflict of Interest of the Republic of Croatia.

Additionally, RAI Steering Group members engaged in vivid discussions on organizational development, partnerships, and strategic outlook for the coming period.

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