Podgorica: Regional Workshop on Conflict of Interest in the Security Sector

A two-day workshop on conflict of interest in the security sector in Podgorica started today. The workshop is being organized by the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI), Regional Arms Control Verification and Implementation Assistance Centre (RACVIAC), and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of Montenegro. RAI Secretariat is represented by the Head of Secretariat, Ms. Desislava Gotskova and Senior Anti-corruption Advisor, Mr. Nikola Naumovski.

The workshop aims to bring together professionals from Southeast Europe to discuss the various aspects of conflict of interest in the security sector. This includes exploring the different types of conflicts that can arise, identifying methods for preventing corruption, and strengthening awareness and understanding of the importance of conflict of interest for good governance and effective security sector reform. Participating in the workshop are influential professionals and policymakers from Southeast Europe. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and perspectives on the topic that will enrich the discussions.

Over the course of the two-day event, participants will engage in interactive sessions and put forth presentations on various topics. These include Conflict of interest and Asset Declarations as a Corruption Prevention Tool, Risk Assessment Instruments to Tackle Corruption and State Capture, and the General overview and Montenegrin framework and practice.

“Southeast Europe continues to face a number of challenges, including corruption, that erode the Rule of Law, increase security risks, and undermine the trust in public institutions. Corruption can be addressed and minimized through handling the risk factors and building robust integrity systems based on principles of transparency, accountability and adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards.” – said Ms. Gotskova while delivering an opening speech to the participants.

The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to share their technical experiences and knowledge and eventually bring about cross-regional cooperation for sustainable improvement in this area.

The Workshop on Conflict of Interest in the Security Sector promises to be a lively discussion with interesting prospects of bringing positive change in the security sector in Southeast Europe. With relevant professionals in attendance, we anticipate practical and valuable outputs from this event, which will help to minimize conflicts of interest and corruption while promoting good governance that is accountable, transparent, and effective.

More info also available on RACVIAC Website

Podgorica, 16 May 2023