15-16 March, Sarajevo B&H: Annual Alumni Conference on Effective Asset Recovery

The Annual Alumni Conference on Effective Asset Recovery taking place today and tomorrow has brought together these professionals who are engaged in the project to share their expertise and knowledge. The event is dedicated to highlighting our common successes, reflecting on new trends, and discussing future anti-corruption initiatives.

Partnership of AIRE Centre and RAI Secretariat provides the judges and the prosecutors in the region with an opportunity to further expand their work and efforts on strengthening the rule of law in the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe.

The Conference enables the continuation of regional dialogue promoting learning, the sharing of experiences and best practice by practitioners from SEE region. Participants will learn about the latest asset recovery developments in the Western Balkans, about the European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence on the assets acquired through crimes, about social reuse of confiscated assets and crypto assets.

Both, the project and the alumni network are a leading example of the regional cooperation at its best and the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative will continue to support the practitioners in South East Europe in their efforts in the prevention and combatting of corruption and organized crime.