26 November 2019, Rome – Conference – Curbing corruption: learning from the decade behind us and looking into the decade ahead

RAI Secretariat took an active participation at the conference – Curbing corruption: learning from the decade behind us and looking into the decade ahead, organized by the CEI, ANAC and hosted by the Luiss University in Rome.

Mr Vladan Joksimovic, Head of RAI Secretariat greeted the participants and made final conclusions of the conference, while Mr Aneta Arnaudovska, RAI Senior Anti-Corruption Expert was chairing one of the panels.

For the next decade, the implementation, will remain a challenge. Result-oriented implementation, evidentiary based and performance evaluated policies in all fields of the anti -corruption- prevention and fight should be a priority for action. New forms of effective and measurable assistance from media, civil society, academia and encouraging youth to build a new role model of professional behavior are necessary. New technologies, including the artificial intelligence should be used for safe storing of vast amount of information and data and prevent illicit financial flows. Lot need to be done in the area of protection for whistle-blowers, e‑governance and promoting integrity, accountability through effective conflict of interest management, visible and proactive initiatives and broad public campaigns and surveys, was inter alia stated by Mr Joksimovic.

Participants were anti-corruption experts and public officials from the CEI and RAI member states, as well as students from the Luiss University.

The conference was concluded with the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between the CEI-ES and the RAI Secretariat in order to pinpoint joint forms of collaboration.