18 November, 2020 – Meeting with the Minister of Justice of North Macedonia

On November 18, 2020, the Head of RAI Secretariat, Mr. Vladan Joksimovic and the Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor, Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska had an official meeting with the Minister of Justice of North Macedonia, Mr. Bojan Maricic. The President and the Vice-President of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, Biljana Ivanovska and Vladimir Georgiev participated at the meeting as well.

Mr. Joksimovic presented the key RAI project and programme activities with a focus on the current status of the procedure for signing the International Treaty on Exchange of Data for Verification of Asset Declarations as a strong anti-corruption tool. He expressed his gratitude to the Macedonian authorities for their commitment and active participation during the process of technical and political negotiations for the Treaty and for being among the first three RAI member states committed to signing the Treaty. RAI representatives presented the endeavors towards finding other modalities for signing the Treaty in the outbreak situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Ivanovska pointed out the excellent cooperation with the RAI Secretariat and the readiness of the Commission as one of the main RAI beneficiaries to participate in the ongoing project activities which are aligned with the key anti-corruption policies and measures. The Minister of Justice emphasized that the Macedonian Government will strongly support the procedure for signing of the Treaty in line with the international standards and will support the whole process through the regional cooperation and the existing regional initiatives with the other respective ministries, having in mind the importance of the Treaty for promoting the regional cooperation in the field of anti-corruption.