17 November 2020 – RAI Secretariat partakes in the UNODC SEE-ACAD Anti-Corruption Academic Workshop

On November 17, 2020, Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska, the Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor, and the RAI Secretariat’s intern, Ms. Jaclin Mardari, participated at the online UNODC SEE-ACAD Anti-Corruption Academic Workshop on the capacity of Academia to deliver high-quality anti-corruption education in the Southeast Europe and Lebanon.

Ms. Arnaudovska presented the key RAI’s projects in the targeted anti-corruption fields with a focus on those including youth as a target audience. She emphasized that the future activities towards developing the online anti-corruption platform and courses will be focused on the topics where the RAI promoted a sound expertise, based on the priority needs and capacities of its beneficiaries.

“A qualitative academic anti-corruption education as a strong corruption preventive tool and should be focused on developing the knowledge on the phenomena of corruption, but as well on developing a good character and integrity, with use of innovative interactive methods and in close cooperation with the anti-corruption practitioners, civil society and with the participation of the students”, said Ms. Arnaudovska during the workshop.