16 October 2019, Trieste Italy: RAI and CEI teams meet to discuss partnership expectations

On 16 October 2019 – RAI Secretariat and CEI Executive Secretariat met in the premises of CEI today to reaffirm common goals and objectives and discuss joint cooperation in the future. 


CEI and RAI share a joint commitment to strengthening the rule of law, fundamental rights and good governance in the region and towards building resilience to corruption as a multi-agency response, including the civil society actors in the existing international anti-corruption framework and with strong political backing.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of strengthening the cooperation in the areas of common interest and the need to boost the regional cooperation, the two organizations will sign a Memorandum of Understanding. MoU intention is to create opportunities for practical cooperation on common projects and actions.

RAI Secretariat
17 October 2019