15 December 2020 – The first Alumni Meeting co-organised by RAI and the AIRE Centre

Following the restriction policies and measures over the COVID-19 situation in Southeast Europe, the First Regional Alumni Meeting organized under the Regional Anti-Corruption Project was held online. Judges, prosecutors, and asset recovery practitioners from SEE who have participated and contributed to the project discussed the establishment of the Regional Alumni Network with the aim to foster and improve regional cooperation in asset recovery cases.

Participants have underscored the importance of the establishment of the Regional Network, with a special focus on making the resources developed in the course of the project broadly available to the asset recovery practitioners in the region. They have also recognised the value of broadening the membership of this network to include not only prosecutors and judges but also the law enforcement agencies and financial investigators.

The meeting was organised within the framework of the two-year regional project “Strengthening anti-corruption in the South East Europe through improving asset seizure measures” implemented by RAI Secretariat and AIRE Centre, with the financial support of the UK Government.