Welcoming new members to the team

Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) Secretariat is excited to announce new staff members joining our team!

We would like to welcome to the team Ms. Sladjana Cvijanovic and Ms. Hayden Sampson. Sladjana is our new official Chief Program and Communication Officer. For more than twenty-five years, Sladjana has worked for many international organizations, governmental institutions, civil society organizations, and on international projects. She excels in project development and has an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in the field. She is an expert in communication, and speaks English fluently. Having completed her BA in Education from the University of East Sarajevo, she is skilled in monitoring and reporting. Her numerous courses abroad combined with her other experiences present her with the ability to excel in her position here at RAI. Sladjana can be contacted at: scvijanovic@rai-see.org, or +387 33 296 328.

Ms. Hayden Sampson is our new Intern. For more than four years, Hayden has been studying and researching human rights issues across the world. Her degree is in International Studies with a minor in International Relations from Long Island University, New York. She is currently working on her thesis to complete her undergraduate degree on the key challenges hindering anti-corruption reforms within the criminal justice systems and how these challenges can be addressed through a multidisciplinary approach. She has shown throughout her academic journey a deep commitment to working against human rights violations in the criminal justice system. Hayden can be contacted at intern@rai-see.org.

Both Ms. Sladjana and Ms. Hayden brings a unique perspective to RAI and we believe that their international experience, dedication, and passion will lead them to strive here at RAI Secretariat.