Skopje: Training on Corruption Risk Assessment and Corruption Proofing of Legislation for Higher Education and Public Enterprises Sectors

After the summer break, RAI Secretariat continued with a tour through the region delivering Training for Higher Education and Public Enterprises on Corruption Risk Assessment (CRA) and Corruption Proofing of Legislation (CPL).

Training organized in Skopje on October 17th and 18th gathered representatives of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Ministry of Justice, Agency for Quality of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Finance Ministry of Information Society and Administration and two CSOs, Institute for Human Rights and Transparency International.

The first day was dedicated to CRA, while the topic of CPL was covered during the second day.

Mr. Vladimir Georgiev, from the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) in his opening statement, commentated on cooperation with RAI Secretariat and gave special significance to the recently developed Guidance with Checklist for these two sectors. These documents are developed with significant contributions from the SCPC to the process.

Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska, Senior Anti-corruption Advisor at RAI Secretariat in her opening remarks touched upon the importance of sectoral corruption risk assessment and corruption proofing of legislation in curbing corruption and reducing harmful effects that corruption has on society.

The first two sessions dealt with the introduction of the terms “corruption risk assessments” and “corruption proofing of legislation” and different approaches when applying these two mechanisms. During the second session, participants had the opportunity to get better acquainted with the newly-developed CRA and CPL Guidance with Checklists for these sectors.

Last session was oriented towards applying the aforementioned guidance in concrete examples, where participants supported by experts were engaged in the risk identification and mitigation measures in the existing local laws and procedures. Concrete suggestions and ideas were exchanged and participants provided different approaches in dealing with everyday situations.

Training provided an innovative method for participants in their everyday issues when dealing with corruption.

CRA and CPL training in Skopje was the fourth in a series of training that the RAI Secretariat will organize this year, as part of the project Southeast Europe – Together Against Corruption (SEE-TAC), jointly implemented by RAI and UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – Civil Society Unit and funded by Austrian Development Cooperation.