RAI Secretariat organized 16th edition of the Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South-East Europe

This year’s edition took place in the period July 5-7, 2021 in an online format, bringing together top experts with a wide range of skills and many years of international experience in various fields .

The opening remarks were given by Ms. Desislava Gotskova, Head of RAI Secretariat, Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska, RAI Senior Anti-corruption Advisor and Mr. Lawrie Day, Founder and CEO of AML Consulting, Ltd.

The first session of the school entailed presentations on Criminal Abuse of Crypto Assets, held by Mr. Simon Lord, money laundering expert and crypto crime specialist.
During this presentation, participants had the opportunity to learn about crypto assets and how they work. Also, the lecturer explained the ways in which it is obtained, and in what ways the details of transactions can be found. Through a case study examples, participants were explained how criminals use cryptocurrency to launder money. Closer cooperation and partnerships among the prosecutors and investigators is important in the process of preventing and detecting cryptocurrency-facilitated crime and for providing widest analytical support and operational coordination.

Second presentation was devoted to the Informal Value Transfer Systems (IVTS) & Chinese Underground Banking, as a form of IVTS. Through practical examples, the participants were introduced on How Chinese Exchange Control Restrictions Enable the Laundering of The Proceeds of Multiple Crime Types

The last session of the first day was dedicated to the Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML). After presenting the concepts and how it works processes, participants were presented the case studies on how TBML facilitates crime, including in laundromat schemes, and how to spot when it’s happening.

The first session of the second day of the summer school introduced the participants to the psychology of corruption. Mr. John Buckley, internationally recognized trainer and consultant, specialized in interpersonal skills, intelligence, human sources, organised crime and anti-corruption, through this interactive session tried to bring the participants closer to the explanation of why people engage in corrupt behavior and how to Identify those vulnerable to It and to possibly prevent them.

The next session focused Managing Whistle-Blowers. To obtain the maximum benefit from whistle-blowers and those providing information to law enforcement with regard to corruption, it is important to identify and properly address their motives. This session provided participants with the knowledge on how to identify these motives and properly meet the expectations.

The last session planned for the second day tried to offer answer to the question of how to recruit and mange human sources to support a corruption investigation and identify some of the potential problems.

The second day finished with a lot of interactive and practical work. Covered topics provoked interest among the participants, who demonstrated their interest in the topics by posting questions to the speakers.

During the last day of The 16th Edition of the Summer School, participants had a chance to learn more about other emerging typologies in respect of corruption, such as the Offshore companies and jurisdictions. Mr. John Burrow, Specialist Financial Investigator, with an extensive experience in commercial, retail and offshore banking, provoked  discussion among participants and tried to provide answers to the question of why criminals are so attracted to the offshore and how and why do persons involved in corruption choose offshore jurisdictions.

In order to respond to the challenges they face, practitioners need to know how criminals set up their affairs.

Also, main truths & myths about the security of assets held offshore were emphasized. The sessions were filled with a multitude of practical examples and useful web resources.

The 16th Edition of the Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South-East Europe was a unique combination of the topics and sub-topics delivered by the distinguished experts and specialists, from the UK engaged by the AML Consulting (Global) Ltd, in the fields of asset recovery, intelligence development, mutual legal assistance, anti-corruption, money laundering.

Even-though in a virtual format, the topics were presented using a practical approach through case- studies and breakout rooms that enabled active participation and engagement from the participants. In parallel, the experts provided many useful links and references which will assist the investigators and prosecutors in their research for the needs of the daily work on concrete cases. It can be said that most law enforcement agencies are novice at these emerging typologies and a comprehensive training programs in cooperation with experts are needed to strengthen and develop capacity buildings.

In parallel, the school serves not only as a learning platform but as a platform for sharing the knowledge, good practices and experiences among the young professionals and for enhancing their motivation and commitment to promote new innovative working methods and a new role model of individual and organizational integrity and to be encouraged to make the institutions or society better for all.