First RAI’s “Whistle for the End” Public Awareness Guerrilla Event

The citizens of Sarajevo saved 1,249,600 KM in RAI’s “Whistle for the End” Guerrilla Event

As part of the street performance, citizens of Sarajevo pressed the “Whistle for the End” button and thus symbolically saved 1,249,600 KM from destruction that was happening in front of them, in a transparent box. A lively description of the people interaction with the guerilla installation is available at RAI’s FB page:

‘Whistle for the End’ is the first major part of the Public Awareness Campaign organized under the auspices of the regional project ‘Breaking the Silence: Enhancing the whistleblowing policies and culture in Western Balkans and Moldova’ funded by the European Union and implemented by the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative Secretariat (RAI).

By reporting corruption, whistleblowers contribute to the prevention, detection and investigation of corruption. Without whistleblowers, there is no effective fight against corruption, and in a society where corruption prevails, citizens do not enjoy equal rights and opportunities. Whistleblowers act in the interest of all of us, as they contribute to building the rule of law and a society in which everyone enjoys equal rights and opportunities – to employment, health care, education, a healthy environment and much more.

Under the project, RAI is working to strengthen the legislative and institutional framework for the protection of whistleblowers, in line with the new EU Directive on their protection.

The Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative Secretariat (RAI) is an intergovernmental regional organization that deals exclusively with anti-corruption issues and with its commitment and professionalism works in the field of prevention and fight against corruption, providing a common platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange and best anti-corruption practices in Southeast Europe.