Belgrade – the seventh and final RAI’s “Whistle for the End” Public Awareness Guerrilla Event

The citizens of Belgrade saved over 30 million dinars from the destruction

On July 8, 2021, a 24-hour performance took place in Belgrade, Serbia. With the event, the Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) called the attention of the public not only to the scale of corruption but also to the key role that citizens have in fighting corruption.

Throughout the day, by choosing to press the button and “Whistle for the End!”, the citizens of Belgrade kept symbolically saving public money from ‘destruction’ in front of their eyes.

This is the final of seven street performances brought to the streets and squares of the Western Balkans and Moldova’s capitals, as a part of the “Whistle for the end!” educational and information campaign.

The event was opened by Ms. Dejana Grbic-Velagic, Chief Programme and Communications Officer at the Regional Anti-corruption Initiative Secretariat and Mr. Vladimir Radomirovic, National whistleblowing coordinator for Serbia on RAI’s project “Breaking the Silence: enhancing the whistleblowing policies and culture in Western Balkans and Moldova”, funded by the European Union.

On this occasion, Ms. Grbic-Velagic said: “Although corruption causes serious damage, we as individuals have the power to stop it and we have an end by deciding not to participate in corruption.” She invited Belgraders to “press the button and whistle for the end to corruption and see how much public funds can be saved from corruption in just 24 hours.” She also emphasized the importance of whistleblowers in the fight against corruption. “These are the people of integrity who fight for the public interest with their deeds. Risking their rights, jobs, and even their lives, they are fighting for the equality of everyone in the society and for the equal access to services, health, education” she said. 

Mr. Radomirovic stressed that: “Corruption costs us not only the money but also lives and health, as was repeatedly shown by the brave whistleblowers. That is why it is important to fight corruption together and enable whistleblowers to report corruption without fear and with assurances that they will have the support of the society and institutions that will investigate their reports and protect us all.”