Belgrade: Regional Event on Corruption Risk Assessment and Corruption Proofing of Legislation

RAI Secretariat organized Regional Event for Higher Education and Public Enterprises Sectors on Corruption Risk Assessment (CRA) and Corruption Proofing of Legislation (CPL) in Belgrade, Serbia on April 4th and 5th.

Regional Workshop gathered peers from respective ministries for Higher Education and Public Enterprises Sectors and anti-corruption agencies/commissions, from all the capitals where trainings took place in the course of 2022. Representatives from the Agency for Prevention of Corruption of Serbia and Ministry of Economy participated in the event.

Ms. Aneta Arnaudovska, Senior Anti-Corruption Advisor in RAI Secretariat and Ms. Milica Bozanic, Head of the Department for Strengthening Institutional Integrity, Agency for Prevention of Corruption of Serbia delivered opening remarks on the first day devoted to the CRA:

Ms. Arnaudovska stressed that RAI introduced a sectoral approach to the implementation of the CRA and CPL mechanisms within the framework of the strategic goal of strengthening integrity through transparent rules and procedures in the public sector. Sectoral approach is in line with the recommendations of all international monitoring mechanisms that indicate the need to achieve concrete and visible results in terms of strengthening the integrity of public officials and especially preventing corruption at the sectoral and local levels.

Mr. Jovan Bozovic, Assistant director in the Department for Legal Affairs, Agency for Prevention of Corruption of Serbia joined Ms. Arnaudovska in opening statements on the second day.

Mr. Bozovic emphasized in his speech the good cooperation between the RAI Secretariat and the Agency over the past years and briefly presented the activities that the Agency will put focus on in the future.

Regional Event was designed to be interactive and predominantly practice-oriented. Participants had the opportunity to observe practical examples from different sectors and jurisdictions and apply Guidance with Checklists on concrete situations from everyday work. 

During the third session, participants had a chance to exchange with peers from the region. Ms. Milica Bozanic and Ms. Milica Popovic presented the activities that both Agencies are undertaking in the context of sectoral CRA and CPL. They presented challenges and risks they are facing and ways how they overcome them.

Regional Event is a follow-up and a concluding event to the capacity-building efforts in the field of CRA and CPL. Besides the overall goal to strengthen the capacities of relevant public authorities to conduct and perform the sectoral corruption risk assessment and corruption proofing of legislation in their everyday work, this event was focused on gathering opinions and identifying needs of project beneficiaries for drafting a roadmap of a new phase of the project.

Regional Event is part of the project Southeast Europe – Together Against Corruption (SEE-TAC), jointly implemented by RAI and UNODC – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – Civil Society Unit and funded by Austrian Development Cooperation. 

Please see the Summary and Conclusions of the Meeting, as well as the final List of Participants.